Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Talking Airlines with Tim Gresty

Sometimes you get to talk to someone who is a 'heavy hitter' in the industry and for the next two segments of Across The Pond, we get to talk airlines with Tim Gresty, Managing Director of Cognitio, a marketing business will bundles of experience in the airline sector.

Tim moves and shakes with the best from airline executives to politicians and everything in between, so knows a thing or two about running an airline.

Having worked in almost every continent and across many airlines we ask Tim what he thinks of the state of regional airlines in the UK and what low cost model will eventually beat the full service airlines.

Having worked across many other business sectors including travel and tourism, FMCG and the finance sector Tim is perfectly placed to comment of what it takes to run a successful airline business. Many fail because they run an airline and not a business and others trip up trying to run the business and not understanding the airline sector. Tim brings a refreshing set of views that bring clarity to an often confused and misinterpreted sector of the aviation business.

The first segment is our interview with Tim and having finished this we left the recorder running (with his permission of course) and just chatted about several other topics in the industry.

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  1. As a long term passenger of easyJet (flew with them when they had but two aircraft "on loan" from GB Airways) using them mainly for commuting between GVA and LGW/LTN, I found the talk fascinating. Whilst I still like the loading scrum, I can better understand now from Tim's talk as to why easyJet are planning to move to allocated seating in late 2012.

    1. Whoever you are, thank you for your comments and feedback. You are not the first to say what an amazing insight Tim brings to the topic. We are trying hard to get Tim back on to either The Airplane Geeks or Xtended. Thank you and please keep the feedback coming it really helps support the work we do and focus our work. We have worked really hard to keep the Across The Pond segment varied with guests from all areas of aviation, so hope you keep enjoying it. Pieter

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