Wednesday, 25 April 2012

India with AeroBlogger - Bravo

This week on the segment for the Airplane Geeks podcast, we return to Hyderabad to talk to AeroBlogger Rohit Rao.

We go back over the past month to look at the latest Kingfisher progress and against all the odds they are still in business and have a plan to move forwards. 
This time though we also have a look at Jet Airways who have also been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

On a positive front India still has capacity to bring in new operators and we look at Volk Airlines, ABC Aviation, Air Costa, and Karina Airways.

But its Air India that really is interesting for aviation interest. Will they continue to survive with another cash injection from the Indian Government and why does Rohit rate them above many other airlines for service? 
Find out by listening to the Airplane Geeks podcast.

Rohit can be found @TheAeroBlogger on Twitter and

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