Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Benelux Alpha with Aviation Platform

On Across The Pond this week we talk to Frenchez Pietersz from about airline news from the Benelux countries of Europe, that's Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. The programme can be found at:

Permission for using this photograph has been obtained from the photographer Eduard Brantjes
With so much to cover we focused on Belgium and Holland and how the KLM Air France merger is developing and what Lufthansa is doing to challenge them.

Aviation Platform is a great website for sharing aviation knowledge within the sector.  
The aim is to get those in aviation to contribute and participate on topics like technological developments, current aviation issue’s or write an IDEA to inspire others. (An IDEA is an abbreviation for Innovation, Design, and Engineering in Aviation). 

Frenchez is working with a supporting team of eight people, to keep the site running. They are planning a number of online conference / brainstorming sessions on specific aviation issues, via different social media, which will be called the Aviation Think Tank Friday (ATTF). So watch out for these!

Check them out, its an interesting concept and site. But dont forget to listen in to what Frenchez has to say in our first Benelux review. 

You can find them:


  1. I think that's a great idea! Aviation Think Tank Friday (ATTF) can be an answer to those aviation enthusiasts who wants change in aviation. It's not too late for aviation to be united in innovating itself. Bright and wild IDEAS will surely be extracted from this Aviation Platform. Thanks for sharing this news.

    James David teaches people how to buy single engine airplanes & has a passion for the Cessna 150

    1. James

      Thank you for the feedback, yes we think its a great idea too so we are looking forward to seeing how it develops. All the best, Pieter