Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bill Jones an American in Holland

Last summer The Airplane Geeks were contacted by Bill Jones a pilot from Kansas city Missouri. Bill travels to Europe every year and likes to take an adventurous flight on this vacation. 

This time he wanted to fly across the north sea from Holland to the UK and wanted to know if we could assist in finding a flight instructor and school. 

Well, Jelle Hieminga who guest featured on our VC Tenderness episode and then again on GA in Holland in Episode 169 stepped in to help. 

This week on Across The Pond we find out what it was like for Bill, flying in European airspace. He certainly knew how expensive it was going to be in com parison to flying back home, but what else did he find different.

 Listen in and find out.

Bill Jones with Beth and Rain Pratt

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