Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Virtual Red Arrows

I watched the nine Hawks in close formation and I was riveted to my screen as they pulled into the turn and then burst apart, each jet screaming across the airfield.............

Then I came to my senses and another thought entered my mind; "What am I doing here sitting in my lounge at home watching a virtual air display....."

Well the answer was easy, I was totally transfixed by the flying skills of the pilots flying for the Virtual Red Arrows, a formation flying team with one real difference....
It all happens in the Internet somewhere instead of above our heads at an airshow.

Committed to find out more, this week's Across The Pond on the Airplane Geeks podcast is an interview with Red 1 (or Petter Hovland as he is known in the real world). Find out how they train, what the challenges are and how nine pilots manage to fly such perfect formations.

I know you are probably thinking, this is not real, but trust me these guys are good and if you watch one of their displays, you will share my enthusiasm for Flight Simulation on this scale. This is really 'seeing is believing' stuff and whether you like it or not, you simply have to admire the skill, precision and quality of the performance.

Break Right.......Smoke On............ Roger Out!

You can find the Virtual Red Arrows on Twitter http://twitter.com/VRedArrows and at http://www.VirtualRedArrows.com

By the way the website is one of the best aviation websites around.

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