Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Aviation Ancestry

We all have an interest in aviation and we sometimes need to remember the steps that the industry has gone through in the past 100 years or so. Much of that history should not just be about the aircraft manufacturers and airlines or air forces, but also those in the supply chains that help make what is an amazing piece of equipment reach for the skies.

Now lets go back decades when 'supply chain' was not something that was a familiar term, there were all those suppliers and manufacturers who produced everything from rivets to gaskets and seating covers. Now, lets see what record exists of their contribution........... Exactly very little! All that evidence has simply dissapeared.

Enter Aviationancestry.com, a website dedicted to collecting, cateloguing and presenting some of the advertisements and records of some of those businesses that are being lost in the mists and legends of British aviation history.

This week on Across The Pond we talk to Dave Robinson, the saviour and protector of some of these historical artifacts. Listen to the Airplane Geeks and hear how Dave stumbled into the collection and then set about making it a part of our digital world we all exist in today.

You can find Dave on Twitter @aeroancestry and at www.aviationancestry.com

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