Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A little VC Tenderness

In 1962 a new aircraft took to the skies, the Vickers VC10. A little late arriving into the marketplace, it fell behind the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC8 in the panic for airlines to cover long distances. However, the VC10 had a few last laughs as its still operating today with one of its orginal design partners the Royal Air Force.

In this week’s Across The Pond segment of the Airplane Geeks, we talk to Jelle Hieminga who runs a website dedicated to this aircraft. I don’t want to bring myself to call it a classic airliner as its still operational but it really is a great airplane and when you look at its style and performance, its no surprise it holds a big part in a lot of peoples hearts.


  1. Thanks for a great segment on the Airplane Geeks Peter.
    Was great to hear about the VC10 and the website.
    It was something quite different for the US based Geeks I think, a good snapshot of some lesser known British aviation greatness!

    Andy. ( I mentioned the VC10 as being loud and manouvreable in my listener mail to the Geeks).

  2. Andy, thanks for the feedback. Pieter