Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Southampton to Liverpool on Eastern Jetstream 41

Last Friday I took a business flight from Southampton to Liverpool. I needed to be in Liverpool for the day and driving would have taken 10-11 hours round trip and the train would have taken around a similar time and cost almost as much as a flight itself. The only viable option to maximise my time and minimise the cost was to fly and luckily I could do this with Eastern Airways.

My 'Chariot' to Liverpool loading at 6.20am
Eastern Airways Flight T3 4072 left at 0645 on time into a murky Hampshire morning. The Jetstream 41 humming away is a pleasant aircraft to fly on. The Eastern Service was excellent, pleasant staff and complimentary service all adding to the feel that this was a service that used to be similar to many but now stands out as being special. On Easterns website they state "At Eastern Airways we strive to make your journey as pleasant and convenient as possible, reminiscent of the golden days of air travel." They certainly do what they say on the website.

Amazing sunrise just after breaking through the cloud layer
Arriving on time to the minute is quite a feat these days but it was early and I looked to see if they could repeat this on my return flight.
Not only did they get the return flight away, again within minutes of the schedule but we ariived above Southampton with a few minutes spare. Unfortunately, ATC had other plans and we were held above Hampshire for 10 minutes, arriving down into Southampton a few minutes late. All in this didn't really make much difference because the service is so much better than other larger airlines that a few minutes late is almost not noticeable.
Find out a little more about the journey on this weeks segment of The Airplane Geeks.
Liverpool John Lennon Airport as I left. (Photo Courtesy of @Thermalhound)

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