Wednesday, 3 August 2011

GA in Switzerland With Etienne

Etienne Maillard
This week on the Airplane Geeks podcast we ask Etienne Maillard back to talk to us about general aviation in Switzerland. We discover what its like to learn to fly, what the costs are and how complicated air traffic control is!

Etienne is not a high hour Private Pilot but has an amazing understanding of the processes and systems required in getting the private ticket. He shares with us the methods he uses for flying in the Alps, which is a real challenge for anyone and a skill that requires particular knowledge and understanding of the area and flying practices.

Listen to Across The Pond on this weeks Airplane Geeks Podcast to find out more.
Stunning flying scenery in the Swiss Alps. Picture courtesy of Etienne Maillard

Etienne can be found on Twitter @Flightlevel150 and is in the process of setting up a blog so that he can post his experiences and photo's.

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