Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Stealth Hawk, Libya and Black Ops Aircraft Tracking

This weeks Across The Pond segment on the Airplane Geeks welcomes back David Cenciotti to talk about the current state of operations in Libya; Are NATO still actively operating strikes in the area.

We then go on to talk to David about his word exclusive discovering that the helicopters used in the OBL raid by US Forces were in fact highly modified aircraft up until now not seen in any public environment. David not only broke the story but also had some pretty quick renderings made up to show what the aircraft could look like.

We also have the opportunity following David on Twitter to see how he tracks 'Black Ops' aircraft around the world and although not difficult it takes some work to track them when they disappear.

So join us again on the World's premier aviation podcast wwwairplanegeeks.com or on iTunes.

You can find David on Twitter @Cencio4 and at his blog http://cencio4.wordpress.com/

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