Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Pain in Spain......

Meeting between AENA and the main Union USCA. Credit: AENA
Yet again there is trouble in the European skies due to industrial action. This time it is due to problems in Spain. The Air Traffic Controllers and Airport working staff are at odds with their employer AENA.

Privatisation and the possible use of military staff to cover the strikes is all part of the mess that has lead to some wild cat strikes as well as a whole raft of further disruptions planned for the airports and skies over Spain

There have also been some interesting documents used in the negotiation and PR process's concerning safety and the use of the military (See Below).

Gian (Avtips on Twitter)an Aviation Consultant based in Geneva joins us on Airplane Geeks this week to explain the background and implications of the industrial action that will affect every part of European airspace and airline operations.

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