Sunday, 20 March 2011

Getting to Know... Pieter Johnson on

Last week I was honoured to be interviewed by Yvette Scott from the website for their annual "Getting to Know" article.

It was quite surreal being on the other end of an interview for once and I found out how hard it is sometimes to answer a question that should be really easy. So, a big thank you to all my guests for me assuming that this podcasting stuff is easy!

I talk through the process we go through on the Airplane Geeks to get a segment up onto the show. Sometimes it can take many swaps of emails, agreeing drafts, then the interviews and hours of editing. The guest normally approves the copy before publication too. All of this just to get one segment of around 7 minutes long onto the show. And we do this every week!

Yvette has managed to get out of me some items on aviation that I had not thought of for a while and she pushed me to name some of my favorite aircraft. You'll have to go to the article to find out what I said but lets just say most are from a decade or two ago.

Yvette and AirlinesAngel have been guests on the podcast and I'm looking forward to seeing if we can get Yvette back soon because she has a story about a famous British Airways Captain that it would be great to hear.

You can see the article at:

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