Monday, 22 November 2010

Karlene Petitt (Pilot amongst other accolades)

Last week I had the chance to speak to Karlene Petitt, an A330 pilot who regularly crosses the pond for Delta. Karlene kindly agreed to allow me to interview her and talk about the challenges of flying across the Atlantic. The interview will appear on a future AG episode in the Across The Pond segment.

However what I would like to mention here is the work Karlene is doing to support women in aviation. Sometimes you meet people who really make a difference, not just 'talkers' and Karlene is one of these people. She is actively supporting the pledge to get 2010 new women involved in avaition this year.

Shamelessly taken from Karlene's blog ( :

It's been 100 years since the first woman earned her pilots license. To celebrate this anniversary, Mireille Goyer had a vision of introducing "2010" new girls and women to aviation this year. For all who signed up, only 25% followed through. She's a bit short of her goal with only a little over 500.
Did you know that in 1910, Raymonde de Laroche was the first woman pilot to earn her pilot's license? During that year, only 3% of all pilots were women.
Throughout the years there have been a multitude of firsts for women. But, today, women still only represent 6% of all pilots. With 7 weeks until the end of the year, I'm asking for your help.
In honor of the 100 years of licensed women aviators, I'm holding a drawing and giving a $100 bill to one "Man or Woman" who introduces a girl or women to flying.


  • Fill up your plane with a women or girls. Balloons. Gliders. Blimps.
  • Take them to work, if you teach in a Full-Flight Commercial Simulator. 
  • Take a photo of your logbook entry of the flight.
  • Take a photo of your passengers, or the women in the seat of the simulator.
  • Write up a flight report in word format with women/girls names, the uniqueness of your flight, and a little about you.
  • Sign up to follow this blog and then....
  • Email "Everything" to me at and to Mireille at   

Mireille would love for you to sign up and register on her website so she can send you information and track your progress. But for the sake of the contest she said emails are just fine.

To register go to:

You can see how you're doing in her contest, plus she has incredible facts on the history of women in aviation.

Every entrant, pilot and passenger, will receive a digital certificate. Your flight will be posted on her website. Trophies will be given for:
  • Most women friendly airport.
  • Person who introduced the most non-pilot women and girls to aviation.
  • Most unusual introduction, aircraft type, location, registration, or passenger uniqueness.
 Please help support Karlene and Mireille if you can in this challenge. Be safe  Pieter

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