Thursday, 3 January 2013

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust

In this special segment we visit the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) Museum.

The Museum is dedicated to Farnborough's aviation history and heritage and focuses on the technological and aerospace advances that Farnborough has delivered to the aviation industry.

Listed by the Sunday Times as one of the Worlds Top 10 Geekiest attractions, there is an amazing collection of archived documents and photographs, engines, wind tunnel models, aircraft and we could go on,,,,Its simply an amazing visit for anyone interested in aviation heritage and the developments of new technology for the aerospace industry. And ITS FREE :-)

Formed in 1993 FAST's objective was to save the Farnborough factory site and some of the critical artifacts developed through the decades and most recently by the Royal Aircraft Establishment.

You will be surprised to hear that many technology advances common today in new aircraft and space vehicles originated here and not in other parts of the world and hopefully you too will visit and support the work the team is doing, because without the volunteers, these aircraft and aviation artifacts would be lost to us all.
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  1. Pieter,

    What a great segment on the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) Museum. Who knew carbon Fiber was a Brit invention. Next you'll say you invented the jet engine ... LoL

    Must stop by during my September visit to the mother country.

    Jamie Dodson
    Author of the award winning Nick Grant Adventures series,

    1. Jamie

      Thanks very much for the positive comments, it's certainly a great visit and allied with a trip across the road to the National Aerospace Library, I can guarantee a brilliant aviation day out. Best regards, Pieter