Thursday, 4 October 2012

Royal Navy Historic Flight - Mini Series

XTPMedia were granted behind the scenes access to the Royal Navy Historic Flight and in partnership have produced a mini series which starts this week on the Airplane Geeks Podcast.

Based at Royal Navy Air Station Yeovilton, the RNHF is an amazing group of people supported by the Royal Navy, keeping our historic Fleet Air Arm aircraft flying and demonstrating their prowess to our existing and next generations.

Katie Campbell - Display Manager, tells us all about the flight and introduces us to the team and their challenge. We also get a double episode in the hangar with Chief Engineer Howard Read and in the final segment we talk flying the Swordfish with Lieutenant Commander Glenn Allison. You can find the team through this link which is well worth following as they all have exceptional and fascinating career backgrounds RNHF Personnel


Their work is to be a memorial to all of the those FAA personnel who have served in past or present service. Demonstrating around the UK the team is a dedication to not only those that have gone before but also those who are currently serving and I was made to feel warmly welcomed during my visit. I could have stayed for much longer and we hope that we can go back and visit the team again to see how the restorations are progressing and what the unit is planning for next season.

This mini series will run for four episodes covering the background to the flight, engineering the Swordfish, in the hangar and flying the old war birds. We are extremely grateful to Katie and the team for hosting the visit and allowing our listenes to get a feel for how the historic flight operates behind the scenes. The first epiosde can be found here Or on iTunes  At 1hr.08min.10sec

We hope you enjoy this series and support the flight.

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