Thursday, 30 August 2012

India with AeroBlogger 'Charlie'

Returning to aviation news in India with Rohit Rao this week, its time to assess the recent months financial challenges in the airline sector and what effect this has had on the sector. Have some of the new entrants we talked about last time actually survived and performed well, or have thm been eaten up in the financial maelstrom that is the Indian airline sector.

Although India and in fact the whole of Asia is faced with a pilot shortage, how are the airlines coping and wheere are they getting their trained pilots from. Rohit explains all.
And then there is Air India and their Boeing 787 deliveries. Why have they been held up and what affect on Air India will this have. Will they be able to fly new or exisitng routes with the two new aircraft. Listen in this week to Across The Pond on the Airplane Geeks and find out.
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