Wednesday, 25 July 2012

David Cenciotti - The Aviationist

We welcome back pilot and journalist David Cenciotti to Across The Pond this week to give us his views on Farnborough and some of his stories from his website www.The


David has a comprehensive view on aviation based upon a deep understanding of flight, aircraft and the sector and its always a pleasure to read his refreshing yet extremely accurate and timely articles. They always have a unique angle to them that maybe others have not thought of, or have come to conclude yet.

He brings his aviation experience and knowledge to those articles and stories that a traditional journalist would simply skim over and its here that we get the opportunity to delve a little deeper into his own material from The Aviationist website.

We look at the Turkish F4 Shootdown and get David's view on what happened; was this a mechanical failure over hostile territory or was it in fact shot down.

We look back at David's view of Farnborough and the things that caught his eye. Amongst these are the V22 and we look at its recent safety history and what this poses as a dilemma for the aircraft looking to gain international orders.

We also get to talk civilian products and muse over the Boeing 787 display and the mighty A380

David can be found on Twitter @Cencio4 and on the web

All picture Courtesy of David Cenciotti and

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