Monday, 4 June 2012

200 and Xtended

  This week there isn't an Across The Pond segment for the Airplane Geeks, well there's a short segment with Tim and Gareth. And, its all about wishing the Airplane Geeks Happy 200th Episode and some other AG information. You'll have to listen to the show to find out! But we do introduce 'Xtended'

Anyway, this week we release our second episode of Xtended, the UK and Euro based aviation podcast, that brings you news, views and aviation interviews. And Episode 2 is a real corker. We get to talk to Fernando Alonso, who is Airbus Head of Flight Testing and test pilot for the A400 Grizzly.

We also hear a little bit about an airfield in central England that has a no overfly rule because its secret and has lasers!!!

Finally, in this action packed episode our build up to Farnborough starts with a visit to the National Aerospace Library. I'd never heard of it either until Tim mentioned that a visit there is deemed necessary if you are in any way interested in aviation history. A little secret.......I got to see several letters from the Wright brothers written a few weeks after that historic flight. The tour of the library given to me by Chief Librarian Brain Riddle and was not only a tour but also a history lesson in aviation which by the end had me in awe of what I had just seen.

Tune in to a new frequency Xtended and find out more.

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