Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Blades

 Display aerobatics can sometimes be seen as 'normal' for any airshow and we have been a little accustomed to the variety and entertainment some teams provide.

Well then go and see The Blades!

All of the pilots are ex RAF and amazingly all ex Red Arrow display team pilots. Now you can see that this is going to be a little different and something special.

But if you thought that you can only watch from afar, then you are wrong, because The Blades are a commercial flying team that also carries passengers!

I really want to keep selling The Blades to you, but why not listen to the Airplane Geeks podcast this week and hear Pieter talk to James Cliff, PR Executive and The Blades official commentator. Once you have listened, like me you'll know what will be on your next 'wish list'.

You can find them on Twitter by searching for ‘thebladesteam’ and on the web at

There is also a fabulous Facebook page. This is the official fan page and has some great photos and information.

Both Facebook and Twitter are updated daily and all the teams news about display times, display venues, competitions are on there.

The website is being re-launched at the end of February and will have a fresh new look, with new team information, photos and videos.


  1. Looking forward to hearing this podcast! I just love those Blades. I intend to fly with them when I return to Europe in 2013.

  2. Great guys, hope you enjoy it. Pieter