Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Across The Pond First Class

Picture Courtesy of The Guardian
This week we talk to Pele Johnson, a frequent business traveller across the Atlantic. His job means that he has to travel quickly and efficiently, arriving fresh and ready to do business at either end of the journey.

Pele often gets the chance to travel business or first class and so we ask him what its like (because not many of us get to do this) and between the two major British carriers who he prefers to fly with.

 I have travelled Virgin Atlantic Upper Class many times across to the USA and Business Class with British Airways on the same routes many times as well. I managed to fly BA First Class once from Phoenix to London Heathrow sitting (or lounging) in seat 2A in the nose of the Boeing 744. It was an experience that I was always remember but I really do love travelling VA Upper Class. Alas not so frequently these days.

See what a 'regular' business traveller thinks and listen in to this weeks show.

Outside of his day job, Pele is a published fashion photographer and a talented guitar player. In fact you will have heard him play the guitar parts we use in the segment many times.

You can find Pele on Twitter @denhelderstudio and on the web at and Facebook at 

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