Thursday, 5 May 2011

Heathrow's Future

The RAeS is running a Half Day Seminar entitled 'Heathrow's Future' on May 23rd 2011.

The seminar will focus on the challenges currently facing Heathrow Airport both in the current economic climate and in regards to the recent reveiw in UK Aviation. The seminar will also discuss how Heathrow can overc ome these challenges to continue to compete as a major global force for aviation traffic. If you would like to view the full programme you can do so by visiting the following link

It would be great to get a report from the Seminar, so if you are going please let us know and we can even do a review on the Across The Pond segment of the Airplane Geeks podcast.

Further details can also be found on Twitter following @RAeSTimR or @RAeS_Events

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