Sunday, 10 October 2010

Popham end of summer Fly-In

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Popham Airfield in Hampshire, the home of some very interesting aeroplanes and a demonstration of successful general aviation at work in the UK.
Having received a very warm welcome along with the other 500 visitors the airfield has a happy and relaxed atmosphere.

Aircaft of all types and sizes arrived and departed during the hours that I was there and these included a gyrocopter, R44 helicopter, microlights, an Antonov 2 and a Piper AE1 Air Ambulance in US Navy colours.

The pilots were happy to talk to the visitors and there was just a great atmosphere. The Club House was buzzing and I received a warm welcome from Lynn before spending some time chatting to Dick Richardson the Airfield Operations Manager. Dick has some really interesting stories and made me feel at home whilst we chatted.
Having wandered along the various flightlines I ended up at the AN2, what a wonderful bird.

There are great views of the aircraft on the airfield and photography at the end of the runway will get some great shots. Unfortunately my camera seized but I will go back to get some snaps.
Listen out on the Airplane Geeks podcast for interviews with Dick Richardson and Bill Leary the pilot from the AN2 Club.

If you have a few moments look up Popham Airfield and the AN2 at I got a warm welcome from all at Popham and I am sure you will too. Its great to see general aviation positively presented and supported.

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