Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Vickers Viscount Network

N7406 Seen here in the sixties operating for United. 
The Vickers Viscount had many firsts! On 29 July 1950 the prototype Viscount G-AHRF became the first Jet Powered aircraft ever to carry fare paying passengers on a scheduled service. In February 1953 the prototype V.700 Viscount G-AMAV was the first turboprop aircraft to cross the Atlantic, and on 18 April 1955 TCA - Trans-Canada Air Lines Viscount CF-TGI operated the first turbine powered scheduled service in North America from Toronto, Canada to New York, USA.

These successes lead to the Viscount being one of Britain's best aircraft exports and one of the most successful post war aircraft.

Sadly the Viscount is no longer flying, but there are many examples being cared for and left for us to see. However Brian Burridge and Geoff Blampied started the Vickers Viscount Network which has a virtual museum at dedicated to keeping the story of the Viscount alive.

Rolls Royce Dart Engines on a Viscount
This week on Across The Pond we talk to Brian, who is also an Engineer qualified to work on the Viscount power plant the mighty Rolls Royce Dart.

Photos Credit: Brian Burridge Collection and The Vickers Viscount Network


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